m0leCon is a totally free computer security conference organized by the student group PoliTHack in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino.
In the morning there will be talks from professionals and students organized in two rooms: the "Novice Room" and the "Main Room". Spectators can choose their room for each talk. In the afternoon there will be the security CTF competition and the security workshop.
The timetable is the following (it might have some little changes):


In the afternoon we will host a jeopardy style Capture the Flag competition. If you never heard about this, you can read something here or watch this video. It'll be a team competition, with each team having at most 4 members. The scoreboard will be posted on CTFTime. For signups or for any question please write an email to including "CTF" in the title including members name.

Security Workshop

During the CTF there will be a Security Workshop for newcomers, where we will see together some basic vulnerabilities and try to exploit them. Bring your laptop if you can!

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The event is totally free, but we have a limited number of seats. Book your place now!

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